Recently we compared a dozen AMD and Intel desktop processors priced between $100 and $200 in order to determine which offered the best performance vs. price ratio for mainstream computer users. In the end, we concluded that the Core i5 750 was hands down the best offering at the upper range of the spectrum.

Those looking to spend around $150 had the option of getting either the Phenom II X4 925 or the Core i3 540. Depending on the user's needs we felt that either processor would get the job done, as they offer similar levels of performance, though we did lean towards the AMD Phenom II X4 for the extra pair of cores. Then as we approached the bottom end it seemed to be all AMD and we believe that for little over $100 the Phenom II X3 720 is the best option here.

In general, we had a good look at the best performers in this all-important price range and even mentioned a few worthy runner ups. But still we can't ignore there's an entire additional set of products worth checking out for those with tighter budgets or less demanding requirements. So we asked ourselves, what can be had for less than $100?

Today we will be focusing on almost a dozen AMD and Intel chips priced below this mark. Something to be aware of is that this article features just a single LGA1156 processor from Intel, while the rest are designed to run on the company's dying LGA775 platform. On the other hand we have five AMD processors, all of which support the latest AM3 socket and are backwards compatible with older AM2/AM2+ motherboards.

This time around AMD has a significant advantage over Intel in terms of flexibility, but the question remains: how do they compare performance-wise? Before we throw all these processors on our test bed to find out, we will check out each model and give a brief explaination on why we chose them for our round-up.