HandBrake 0.9.9 for Mac OS X

HandBrake is a GPL'd multi-platform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter.

Mac OS X
8.6 MB
4.8 / 5 (6 votes)

HandBrake was originally available on the BeOS, but now has been ported over to MacOS X and to GNU/Linux.

Info Download notes:
* Alternatively you can download the latest windows version of this software.


  • Can encode directly from DVDs (even encrypted ones) or from VIDEO_TS folders
  • Supports AC3, LPCM and MPEG audio tracks
  • Outputs MP4, AVI or OGM files
  • Outputs AAC, MP3 or Vorbis audio
  • Supports 2*pass encoding
  • Supports encoding of two audio tracks
  • Includes a bitrate calculator
  • Supports picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling

What's New:

  • AC3 in MP4 support
  • Multi*track audio support for Apple devices
  • Better handling of audio discontinuities
  • More flexible, "loose" anamorphic
  • Variable frame rate encoding
  • MP4 optimization for progressive downloads
  • Dynamic range compression for encoding from AC3 audio
  • Ability to encode an audio stream and pass it through at the same time
  • iPhone*compatible anamorphic (pasp atom)
  • Robust program and transport stream support
  • Better handling of DVD read errors from invalid VOB units
  • Detects and works around missing end of cell markers
  • Recovers from loss of signal in a stream
  • Drops subtitles less often
  • Keeps chapter markers in better sync and prevents duplicates
  • Better handling of B*Frames
  • Tunes FIFO sizes by CPU count
  • Finally squashes the bug that cut off the end of movies
  • Preset changes
  • Standardizes on standard out for progress and standard error for everything else.
  • Correct channel counts when passing AC3 audio to Matroska
  • Tag MP4 files as encoded with HandBrake
  • No more merging short chapters
  • Newer copies of x264,
  • VBV 2-pass patch for x264
  • Sets keyframes for x264 by frame rate.
  • Support for >2GB MKV files in Linux
  • Code audio languages in a way QuickTime understands
  • Better subtitle positioning
  • Fewer crashes in 2*pass encoding
  • Leopard Only
  • Sparkle
  • Reads .eyetv files as well as .dvdmedia files
  • Much better queue
  • More white space
  • Code restructuring
  • Activity window logging, complete with a "black box recorder" for crashes
  • Ability to open a single title for a DVD instead of scanning the whole thing
  • Warns people when they try to queue up two files with the same name
  • Maintains picture filter states between jobs
  • .xib Interface Builder files SVN can track
  • Switches to NSImageView for previews, so no more useless OpenGL effects
  • Temporary loss of localizations for foreign languages (the old system was broken anyway)
  • Separate filter settings for every queued job