Disco DJ 3.5 for Mac OS X

Disco DJ is DJ mixing software which is designed for "live" mixing.

Older Mac OS
10.8 MB
4.5 12 votes
It comes with real-like interface, emulating appearance of standard DJ hardware.


Professional dj audio players.
Dual audio playback: For both master and headphone output.
2 channel dj mixer.
iTunes integration.
Automatic BPM detection.
Sample accurate headphone listening.
Automatic gain control.
Microphone support with playthru, normalization and talkover.
Gapless playback in Automix.
Dynamic playlists: Select genres, artists and rules like artist separation and Disco will choose songs for you.
Playback of songs bought from the iTunes Store.


Quicktime 7.1 or later.
Monitor capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution