The name OCCT comes from OverClock Checking Tool. This application will let you benchmark and overclock your system components.


  • Up to 16-core support ( for instance, up to a Quad-Kentsfield or an Octo-Conroe )
  • Customizable tests ( Duration, Priority, CPU or RAM, ... )
  • CPU and Motherboard detection
  • Monitoring support through 3rd party application ( i.e. MBM5, Speedfan and Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50 or above )
  • Can produce graphs showing temperature and voltages during the test : Unique feature !
  • Multi-language support

What's New:

  • Beta version updated to 7.0.0 Beta 18
  • SPECIAL THANKS : the folks at the "Jedec Fan club" discord server - Thanks a lot for your help !
  • SPECIAL THANKS : Сергей and his awesome work in debugging and dealing with the bugs in the beta. I love your vids !
  • MAIN : Switched to HwInfo as my monitoring engine
  • MAIN : The code preventing OCCT to be launched twice is now working again
  • MAIN : code cleanups and numerous bugfixes
  • UI : OCCT's UI is now split in 3 areas : Stability (for testing, the old view), SysInfo for system information, and Monitoring for a full view on monitoring
  • UI : this moves forced me to remove the expander (as it does not apply to every UI component)
  • UI : Fixed the window default size to better accomodate the UI changes
  • TESTING : OCCT now tracks and reports WHEA errors that occurs during tests
  • 3D : Enabled tests to be run on displays without any display attached
  • VRAM : added slider, similar to Memory test, for selecting the amount of memory to test
  • MONITORING : Revamped the system usage report in the testing area - now supports several GPU, and with clickable buttons
  • MONITORING : Added "Current" sensor category
  • MONITORING : Added "Other" sensor category (without graph, obviously) (That's a lot of info, be warned)
  • MONITORING : Added usage graphs for Intel iGPUs (Thanks Сергей & Mew ! )
  • SETTINGS : Added flags to control the monitoring - Enable and disable them at will in case of issues !
  • REPORT : Modified the report size and reorganized it to accomdate the monitoring update
  • ENTERPRISE : Revamped the test report to include all the new features (and fixed a few typos)
  • ENTERPRISE : Added a switch for giving a set of rules to OCCT to choose which sensor is enabled or not (see the help page for OCCT Enterprise for additional information)
  • ENTERPRISE : Fine-tuned the monitoring rule engine to allow for customization in the enterprise edition