IETester 0.2.2

Free WebBrowser that allows you to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE8 beta 1, IE7 IE6 and IE5.

July 4, 2008
Windows (all)
23.8 MB
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This is an alpha release, so feel free to post comments/bugs on the IETester forum (

Minimum requirement : Windows Vista or Windows XP with IE7 (Windows XP with IE6 has some minor problems and IE7/IE8 instances do not work under this config)

What's New:

2008-05-27 : v0.2.2

* Added Search Box (Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K shortkeys)
* Customizable Homepage
* Added shortkeys : F5/Ctrl+R for Refresh ; Ctrl+F5 for Complete Refresh
* Added a "Refresh Complete" menu entry to bypass cache on refresh
* Added "Refresh All" menu entries
* Corrected drop-down select bug on IE7
* Corrected small icons for ribbon buttons
* Added numerous translations

Known problems and limitations :

* When resizing, the content may disappear. I am working to correct it on the next version.
* The Previous/Next buttons are not working properly
* Focus is not working properly
* Java applets are not working
* Flash is not working on IE6 instance.