FxMovieManager 6.4

FxMovieManager is a filemanager written to help managing movie files and video clips. It includes a twin-panel filemanager, a playlist and act as a simple front-end to MPlayer. Both filemanager and playlist can display thumbnails of movie files.

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  • Twin-Panel File Manager with Movies Thumbnail (thumbnails creation place)
  • Play Table with Movies Thumbnail (that can be saved to a file and reloaded)
  • Simple front-end to MPlayer and ffplay
  • File Operations Dialog (Rename/Copy/Move/Simlink) with Movie Thumbnail
  • File Properties Dialog (file properties, Audio and Video format, file permission)
  • File Extension Associations Dialog (icons, Mime-Types, commands)
  • Theme Selection Dialog (15 themes are available)
  • Language Selection Dialog (EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, RU, CN, JP, Custom)
  • Thumbnails Customization Dialog (for libffmpegthumbnailer only)
  • FXArchive: simple front-end to comand-line archive utilities
  • FXScanVirus: simple front-end to libclamav
  • Detailed Movie Information dialog (movie codec information) with Movie Thumbnail
  • File Search Engine with matching file selection Dialog

What's New:

  • The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 1.2
  • of the ffmpeg library;
  • Devices attached after start-up can now be rescanned and a window dialog
  • will ask to selected the device to be mounted by using udisksctl(udisks2);
  • the internal player fluidity/performance has been increased;
  • the internal player memory consumption has been reduced;
  • the internal player bug on the full screen vidoe size has been fixed;
  • the internal player bug with mpeg1video codec has been fixed;
  • the internal player refresh rate can now be changed by using keys [7] & [8]
  • this option may help to better synchronize channels with the audiodelay option;
  • the missing localization for the scan-device menu was fixed;
  • the manual page has been updated.