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Explainer: What is Gigabit LTE?

One of the big improvements that is coming to mobile networks this year is Gigabit LTE. You might have heard of it already - companies are gearing up for deployments around the globe right now - but if not, it'll become a bigger talking point in the months to come. Gigabit LTE is set to hit everything from smartphones and laptops to portable hotspots and cars.

AT&T to offer in-flight Internet service starting late next year

AT&T is throwing its name into the hat of companies aiming to offer in-flight Internet service. The telecommunications company on Monday revealed plans to launch a high-speed connectivity service late next year that will be powered by a new air-to-ground…

Lenovo launches first 4G LTE smartphone, the Vibe Z

Lenovo has had some pretty impressive mobile hardware hit the scene in recent memory but many have stayed at bay because they’ve all lacked speedy LTE connectivity. That’s all changing now as the company’s first 4G LTE smartphone is making…