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Fermi through Maxwell: 5 Generations of GeForce Graphics Compared

When new GPUs arrive we usually compare them to their predecessor but rarely go back more than one generation. Today we'll be testing six cards covering three key Nvidia architectures: Fermi (the GTX 480 and GTX 580), Kepler (theGTX 680 and GTX 780) and Maxwell (the GTX 980). Many of you who haven't upgraded GPUs in over a year may be pleased to see how performance scales and what to expect in modern games.

Nvidia rebrands Fermi-based cards into budget 600-series

Nvidia has quietly released three “new” budget GPUs as part of its latest and greatest 600-series — all of them, however, are based on the last-generation Fermi architecture. The GeForce GT 610, 620, and 630 are essentially rebranded and slightly…

GeForce Grid will let you stream games on a Kepler-based GPU

We've already seen Nvidia's latest graphics architecture in action on standard gaming rigs, but the company shared some of Kepler's cloud-centric benefits during the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California today. Nvidia says that first-generation Fermi-based game servers, such…