Hard reset articles

Weekend game deals: Hard Reset $5, Splinter Cell: Conviction $8

Although Steam's epic Christmas sale is still a few weeks out, various digital distributors have already launched their holiday promotions, with several of them slashing prices on the same games, especially Paradox Interactive titles, which are available in steeply discounted…

Weekend game deals: Deus Ex: HR $7.49, Hard Reset $6.80

If you've missed the zillion chances to grab Deus Ex on sale, Steam is offering another opportunity with 75% off the entire franchise, including Human Revolution and its downloadable content. Things are relatively quiet elsewhere as GameStop continues to offer 50-75% off Assassin's Creed...

Hard Reset Benchmarked: Graphics & CPU Tested

Newcomer 'Flying Wild Hog' has been secretly working on an early Christmas present for PC gamers, the game is called Hard Reset. Some of you may have already heard of it, as a 1GB playable demo was released last week out of nowhere.

Hard Reset is incredibly fun to play, moreover the game looks impressive, featuring quality graphics, despite it's a DX9 only title. Let’s move on to see how we tested the game.

New studio unveils PC-exclusive FPS, Hard Reset

With so many game makers shifting their primary focus to consoles, it's not every day that we hear about a major PC-exclusive title. Whether it's lower piracy rates, an easier development process or a combination of circumstances, many once-loyal PC…