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TechSpot Best of MWC 2016: Smartphones, VR and more

It’s been a busy week as more than 90,000 people stormed Barcelona to catch the latest mobile announcements and innovations. This year’s Mobile World Congress brought us new smartphones, hybrid mobile devices, more VR hype as well as wearables and IoT gear. Lets take a look at the highlights of the three-day event.

Ideal smartphone: The no compromise device that should be possible to create in 2016

In 2015 I saw a ton of great smartphones hit the market, but I’m yet to see the elusive ‘perfect’ device -- the phone with no compromises in hardware or software. In this article I'll go through every aspect of the modern smartphone and list exactly what I want to see, with every aspect of it firmly grounded in reality. This is a smartphone that should be possible to create in 2016.

This is when your HTC smartphone will get Android 6.0

An upgrade schedule for most of HTC's current generation Android devices has leaked, revealing how soon you'll get an update to Android 6.0 'Marshmallow'. Unfortunately, for the majority of devices out there, you'll be waiting a while to get your…

The new HTC One A9 will get much more expensive next week

When the HTC One A9 was first announced with a price of $399.99 in the United States, it seemed like a decent enough deal. The phone features a decent metal build (that looks suspiciously like an iPhone), mid-to-high-end specifications, and…

Epic Games releases cinematic 'Showdown' virtual reality demo

If you’ve been lucky enough to try out Epic Games’ brand of virtual reality over the past year or so, you likely did so using its “Showdown” demo. In the event you haven’t experienced it, well, now’s your chance (assuming…

Xiaomi's new Redmi Note 2 is the budget smartphone to beat at $129

Samsung may be getting all of the media attention today with the announcement of its new Galaxy phablets but it’s not the only company introducing new handsets on this Thursday. Chinese rival Xiaomi has been giving competing smartphone makers fits…

HTC launches the upgraded One M9+ in China

HTC has launched yet another high-end smartphone without much fanfare in Western markets, this time the One M9+, which is a slightly upgraded version of the all-metal One M9 that launched late last month.