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Downsizing Dilemma: Why Game Developers Keep Getting Laid Off

The video game industry is booming. Americans spent $21.53 billion on games and hardware last year, and sales of the new-gen PS4 and Xbox One have exceeded expectations. So why are layoffs so common in the industry? Why are so many video game studios closing? Why does it feel like the people who make video games are always on the hook?

Nike responds to FuelBand shutdown rumors

Nike responds to FuelBand shutdown rumors

Rumors surfaced over the weekend that Nike was disbanding its FuelBand hardware division to focus solely on fitness-related software. The athletic apparel giant responded to the news and admitted that while there were some layoffs, the company was still committed…
Weekend tech reading: OnLive reboots with new owner after layoffs

Weekend tech reading: OnLive reboots with new owner after layoffs

"OnLive ... will continue to operate," the statement read. "...there is no expected interruption of any OnLive services." It was a statement that read as an assurance: everything is fine, we're still here, it's business as usual. But it was clear that everything wasn't fine. Earlier yesterday...