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Opinion: Can IT survive?

If you’ve ever worked at a business with at least 20 employees, you’ve undoubtedly run into “them”—the oft-dreaded, generally misunderstood, secretly sneered at (though sometimes revered) IT department. The goal of Information Technology (IT) professionals, of course, is to provide…

Open Forum: What do you do for work?

Is tech a hobby or what you do for a living? The fact that you're visiting a site named TechSpot is indicative of your passion for technology, but while for some it might be a hobby, for others it’s probably also a big part of what you do for a living. In this week's Open Forum let’s share little bit about what we do.

Dell: We're no longer a PC company

Dell says it no longer sees its business as one that manufacturers and sells PCs but rather as an IT solutions company focusing more on the enterprise market. The claim follows the firm’s publishing of its full-year financials, which showed a growth in…