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MSI WindPad 110W Tablet Review + Windows 8 Impressions

MSI WindPad 110W Tablet Review + Windows 8 Impressions

Although you may not realize it, there exists a third competitor in the tablet OS market: Microsoft. The WindPad 110W is powered by the 40nm AMD Z-01 dual-core Fusion APU, which is specifically built for tablet computers and features a thermal design power rating of only 5.9 watts.

Let's proceed to analyze the WindPad 110W's finer details, along with impressions after installing Windows 8's Developer Preview on the tablet...

MSI readies Wind Box DC100 HTPC with AMD E-450

MSI readies Wind Box DC100 HTPC with AMD E-450

While Asrock's second-gen Vision 3D home theater machine combines the general processing power of Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture and the graphics muscle of Nvidia's discrete GeForce family, MSI has taken a more consolidated approach by leveraging the latest silicon from…
MSI X-Slim X460 Notebook Review

MSI X-Slim X460 Notebook Review

MSI recently expanded its ultraportable offerings with the addition of two last generation X-Slim notebooks. Although they're designed to be lightweight and compact, the X460 notebooks also strive to be powerful, courtesy of Intel's Sandy Bridge processors.

While ultraportable laptops generally carry a 12 to 13" display, MSI says the X460 strikes a fine balance between mobility and performance using a 14" LED backlit screen and Intel's Core i7-2630QM quad-core chip.

MSI intros AMD Fusion-powered HTPC motherboard

MSI intros AMD Fusion-powered HTPC motherboard

If you've been itching to building a Fusion-based HTPC, the wait is nearly over. First shown during CES, MSI officially greeted its AMD Brazos-powered E350IA-E45 Mini-ITX motherboard with a press release earlier this week. The board will come with AMD's…
MSI announces fanless Atom-based SFF motherboard

MSI announces fanless Atom-based SFF motherboard

MSI has unveiled a new Atom-based small form factor motherboard that touts a fanless design. The I3-945GSE-D requires absolutely no fans to operate comfortably, making it an ideal solution for use in custom enclosures and embedded applications. Since the board…

MSI adds GT663 gaming notebook with GTX 460M

MSI is the latest system builder to announce a gaming notebook with Nvidia's recently launched GeForce GTX 460M. The 15.6-inch GT663 sports a 720p or 1080p display resolution and boastfully carries "Intel's most advanced Core i7 quad core processor." An…