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Hit Playstation title Guacamelee confirmed for PC

Guacamelee! released a few months back on Playstation 3 and PS Vita to more than favorable critical reviews. Developed by Drinkbox Studios, the action-platformer is now confirmed to be making its way to Steam later this Summer, on August 8.

Sony offers a free PS3 or Vita with back-to-school PC

Shopping for a back-to-school computer? Spend your money with Sony and you could walk away with a free gaming console. On the heels of Microsoft's promotion, the Japanese manufacturer has announced that students and faculty who purchase an eligible VAIO…

In Paris: A few things I learned about video games

I went to Paris last weekend, which is an extravagant thing to do if you live in New York and should probably be making shorter weekend commutes. But I had a rare chance to go and so off I went. I wasn't supposed to be working, but I can't shut off the video-game-reporter part of my brain. While on vacation I did a little work. For your benefit!

The PlayStation Vita ships worldwide, reviewed

If you're in a hurry, you simply need to know that the PlayStation Vita is a very good portable video game machine that excels in ways that Sony hasn't bothered to hype.

The PlayStation Vita is Sony's second portable gaming system and easily its better one. It arrives in North America as well as Europe and Australia on something of a timer, as the rise of gaming on iOS and Android devices threatens the relevance of dedicated handhelds much the way Sony itself threatened the dominance of Nintendo's near-monopoly on dedicated handhelds more than half a decade ago.