Tlc articles

OCZ introduces TLC NAND in new budget Trion T100 SSD

Solid State Drives have long been the big "next thing" in storage technology, promising incredible leaps in performance, power consumption, and overall daily drive. Without any moving parts and advancements in technology, SSDs have largely delivered, becoming staples for many…

Micron touts industry's smallest 128Gb NAND flash chip

Micron Technology has announced what it claims is the industry's densest 128Gbit NAND flash memory device. With die area of only 146 square millimeters, the chip is made using a 20nm fabrication process and is based on triple-level-cell flash technology.

Seagate invests in DensBits, plans its first consumer SSDs

Seagate has announced a partnership with DensBits, an Israeli company whose "revolutionary" memory controller design may prove useful for upcoming solid-state drives. Seagate made an undisclosed investment in DensBits, stating its plans to improve both consumer and business-class products with…