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Trine 2 hits Steam for $14.99, offers three-player co-op

Frozenbyte has unleashed the much-awaited sequel of 2009's indie sidescrolling platformer today, with digital copies for PC and Mac readily available through Steam. Pricing is set at $14.99, while a $24.99 "Collector's Edition" includes a digital artbook and soundtrack. Although…

Holiday Guide: This Season's Hottest PC Games

Twenty-eleven is coming to a rapid conclusion and game makers are preparing to cash in on the holiday season by unleashing some of the year's finest titles. Although some of our most anticipated games wound up being duds on some level, there's still hope for the tailgunners of 2011.

In keeping with tradition, we've assembled a list of 16 PC games that should be on your radar for the frigid months ahead. Titles are ordered by their North American PC release date -- no earlier than September 15 and no later than December 31.