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Google forms patent licensing initiative for WebM

Google has moved to encourage adoption of its WebM video format by announcing the WebM Community Cross-License (CCL) initiative. The coalition members have all agreed to license any patents that are essential to WebM to other CCL participants.

Google starts converting YouTube videos to WebM

Google has announced that all new videos uploaded to YouTube are now transcoded into the WebM codec, in addition to the H.264 codec. Google developed WebM, an open media file format for video and audio on the Web, and its…

Google releases WebM plug-in preview for IE9

Following the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Google has released a preview WebM plug-in for IE9 on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The filter also allows WebM-encoded video playback on Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Installing it doesn't…

Google to release WebM plugins for IE9 and Safari

After Google announced that it would be dropping support for H.264 in Chrome and only support WebM going forward, the search giant has revealed that it will offer WebM plugins for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 and Apple's Safari. It appears…