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Jun 2, 2003
  1. OK, I've decided to go ahead and get the Sapphire RADEON 9800 ATLANTIS PRO but I was wondering if I should go ahead and spend the extra cash and get the 256MB of memory on the card or just 128MB?

    William T. Thompson
  2. PreservedSwine

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    I have no idea. What's the price difference?

    The 256MB ones use DDRII, which ought to be able to be overclocked a bit higher than DDRI, and that may be worth it.

    The reviews I've seen don't show much of a difference between the 128MBDDRI and 256MBDDRII boards...I think I'll wait until the 256MB boards make it to a few more review sights b-4 making up my mind on that one...
  3. olefarte

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    Here's a review I found a HotHardware comparing the two cards. It's a very extensive review, but I think it will tell you what you want to know. Here's a snippet of there conclusion.
    Edit; Also see the new front page thread.
  4. Per Hansson

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    Due to the human factor that review will have to wait a few more minutes ;)

    I pulled the news because it linked to their old review... Will be back up again as soon as Anton fixes it... The review was of 7 different 9800 boards...
  5. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,959   +217

    Ok, review up now:

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