+12v Problem

By Goxy
Apr 26, 2004
  1. Hi everyone.

    I've got a P4 motherboard, Asus P4S8X-X. Two days ago, out of the blue, without any tinkering with the hardware, the computer started making a strange siren-like noise and I was instructed to look under "hardware monitoring" for a problem.

    All the readings were fine, except for the +12v reading which stood at 0.19v. So my first idea was that the power supply went bust. I had a 300W one and I went and bought a new 450W supply but it did not help. My 12v reading is still non-existent. So I guess it isn't the power supply. I don't think its the fan either because I tested that too.

    So now I'm beginning to suspect it's the motherboard that is messed up. I don't have any more ideas as to how to approach this problem.

    Could anyone help? Should I try and fix this problem or is it really just a question of going out and buying a new motherboard?

    I've had the same configuration for almost a year,
    p4 2.6 cpu, ati radeon 9600pro, 512 ddr ram... and everything was fine.

    I really haven't got a clue as to what I should do... I think something is up with the sound too coz the speakers aren't working... The sound is onboard.

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