14 PC Games for Family Time Fun

I can't believe you added Sonic to the list, but not Crash Team Racing, which is far superior.
Just here to absolutely advocate for Unravel 2, that game is a masterpiece, designed to be 1 or two player, and genuinely well crafted puzzles. Don't skimp on the first one either, and the games' soundtracks by Frida Johansson and Henrik Oja are pieces of art in their own right!
Why would you put "The Skywalker Saga", a game that is infamous for being mostly empty, poorly designed, and almost entirely built around single player, when "The Complete Saga" exists, is cheaper, and offers far better levels, gameplay, and co-op features?

Newer is not always better, these days, its usually worse.
I would certainly add "It takes two" at the top of the list. One of the few recent games EA didn't mess up and one of the best family couch coop games to date.