15min boot ups and BSOD, error 0x45d, windows 7, now wont boot at all


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Hi, I am at a loss what to do and need some advice.
About 2weeks ago, my laptop froze during shutdown and I had to turn it off at the power button. Afterwards, it would not work except in safe mode. I used that to troubleshoot as I had never had any problems with it before. It's an Acer, under a year old and still under guarantee. I was told to schedule a disk scan for when I next booted up. It reported many missing or broken files and fixed them, I think.
It then started to work again but my boot up time shot from under a minute, to almost 10. I knew then I still had a major problem. I have also run a sfc/scannow which didnt help.
Once onto my desktop, I started running scans with Norton 360, and came across only tracking cookies which it deleted. I defragged my disk, and went into msconfig to take everything off startup but my operating system but it still took forever to boot. I went into event viewer and found a critical error message while booting up which told me my boot time was 712579. I'm not sure if the event data info is relevant so I wont post it, but I have it all written down if it's needed at all.
Soon, my long boot ups turned into a blue screen about 90% of the time.
Repair attempt 2.
root cause found:
unknown bugcheck:bugcheck 7e Parameters=
0xffffffffc0000006, 0xfffff80002c99797, 0xfffff880009a91a8, 0xfffff880009a8a10

Repair action: System files integrety check and repair.
Result:Failed. Error code 0x45d
Time taken:281847ms.

repair attempt 1:
same as 2 but with 0xfffff80002ca7797 instead of 0xfffff880009a91a8

At that point I contacted tech support from pc world who suggested I restore to factory settings which I did. My boot ups went back to normal, until I installed my norton again. I had to go to a restore point just before that. I installed all the windows updates ( which hadn't been working due to an probably unrelated problem of some of my windows features being disabled. I hadn't manually disabled them so I don't know how that happened). Then I installed norton again, and my laptop blue screens again. I'm convinced norton is the problem and uninstall it. It works again, but only for a day. When I next turn my laptop on, it blue screens again, and after a few attempts,it no longer boots.

I am told that windows failed to start due to a required device being inaccessible, which was the prognosis a lot of the time when I troubleshooted(i was asked if i had recently changed any hardware or software), but I haven't changed anything...
status 0xc000000f it said, and tells me to insert a windows installation disk which I dont have.
Is my laptop completely beyond help?
Thanks in advance for any replies :)


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Don't use Norton at all. Use Microsoft Security Essentials after you check the hard drive for errors once more. If errors still exist, your hard drive may be failing, and Norton is not at fault


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I was using microsoft security essentials when it started to not work again though. If it was norton, would the damage have already been done then? I cant get onto safe mode though so I cant check my hard drive at all now.
Unless I spend another day restoring to factory settings which I don't think would really help.
I've booked it in to be fixed on Friday as I can really see no other option now. I can't do anything with it just now.
What would be able to be done if the hard drive was failing?


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"What would be able to be done if the hard drive was failing?"...

The hard drive would be replaced and the Operating System would be re-installed. Your important data might be able to be recovered too