2 Computers that won't boot to windows

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Oct 25, 2008
  1. In the last three weeks, two family members called to tell me that the computer's that i built for them would not boot. I have both machines, checked the drives for viruses, removed all boards, memory and drives and put them back together again and can't get them to boot. The cpu and power lights come on on the motherboard and the fan is spinning on the cpu....don't have a clue as to what is wrong. They both have the same motherboard could there be a problem in the bios?
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    Can you hit delete while the POST screen is up? I would start with that. It's always a good idea to put the model and make of the board since some people may have had a problem like yours.

    I had a problem with two asus A7N8X boards last month. One it turned out to be the HDD was bad, the other one I loaded seagatetools on it and got a good report on the drive and the program said check the CMOS battery, and pos. windows problem even though it was giving me an error message before it would start windows " device problem.

    On that one I wiped the HDD and reloaded windows ( I cleared CMOS first ) . So I guess all I can say is it was a windows problem with that one. I ran into a problem one time when I purchased a intel psu, and had problems with a amd platform. 1 - if you purchased the same boards it may be a board problem.

    I don't think if you forgot to reset the boot order it would do what you said. I ran the same copy of windows on both since I remember that you can do it if one is a backup computer. I take it that you registered windows when you built them so they didn't run over the 30 day limit.

    If you did everything and still no luck and no one can help, I went to afterdawn.com and started a thread in the new builds. I did get a good answer to a problem I had. But like I said " make and model helps ". The only other thing you can do is try tech support with both - the board manufacturer and microsoft. Since they are new boards both should help for free.

    Hope this helps.

    Here is what you posted " 2 computers that wont boot to windows. kimsland's reply points you to the POST. I take it that it will POST, but not boot into windows, or will not POST at all.Which one?
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    Try that Kimsland ask you to do and if the BIOS is ok then try to test all the peripherals(RAM,HDD, Graphic card, Sound Card etc...) on another motherboard. If it work then you know that the mobo is not working well and if it is not ok then replace everything as it was before and one by one change the peripherals with good one(for testing) until you find where the problem is situated.
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    no boot

    Thats one thing I was thinking, I had to RMA 2 MSI boards before I got a good one, I think it took about 6 weeks just to do the build. Thats why I asked him to add the make and model because sometimes there are known issues, and someone may have had the same problem with the boards he has. I know here in the states tigerdirect.com which is owned by systemax buys a ton of boards, and as you know when they buy like that they're getting alot of bad ones. I think they know up front what % are going to be bad and they hope the builder takes longer then 30 days so if you have to RMA its with the manufacturer. I used to buy Dells untill I had to ship the system back, it's much cheaper to build your own just for the reason that if you get 1 bad part at least you only pay shipping on that item. I bought a PSU tester just to same trouble with fring boards because the PSU's are bad. I don't know where foreverfo is from, if he's from the states and he's dealing with tigerdirect, I'd ship both of them back and make the switch to newegg.com I did and I'm much happier with them.....
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