2 GPUs and eyefinity =/

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Apr 8, 2010
  1. can you run 3 monitors at 1680 by 1050 like eyefinity with 2 4850s?
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  3. kakarot27

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    Crossfire eyefinity confused kid :)

    sorry for not writing this int he last thread but it got deleted =/ anyhow
    im really intrested in the whole 3 monitors thing, i was hoping that by having 2 gpus i could run the 3 monitors.
    i right now have a 4850, is there a gpu that i could crossfire with that already got eyefinity is under $150 like a 5750? getting the matrox to go is pretty stupid as it is 320 bucks on its own, (might as well get a 5850).
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    Your thread was not deleted, but moved into the appropriate forum category.

    My understanding is that no 4000 series card can do Eyefinity. On the other hand, playing games with Eyefinity on a $150 graphics card is possible in theory, however it must be a really old title that supports the wide resolution because newer games will be too demanding for a card on that performance class.
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    i was hoping to do crossfire with a 5750 and my 4850 then attach the 3 monitors on the 5750. is that possible? How well will it perform? with 2 4850s i should perform better than a 280, and a bit of over clocking and ill be close to a 285 or a 5850. the 5750 performs about the same as the 4850. ive seen several videos of people doing the 3 monitor 5040 by 1050 with a 285 and the tripplehead2go and im sure a 5850 can do it so if power can tilt over to that side i should be fine.
    other issue that may come by is that im running a 500w psu. my power supply is the one that came with the Antec Sonata III
  6. red1776

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    unfortunately you cannot crossfire two cards from different series. they must be two cards from the R770 (the 4800) or two Juniper ( The 5700's) etc.
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    To span games over three monitors, you can try this:


    It only works on some games, but it basically does what you are looking for.
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    Also, dont trust random videos, yeah it looks cool until yours wont do the same thing.
  9. kakarot27

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    huh alright :) ill just get a 5850 and save a few bucks then get the 2 other monitors. any ideas of what kind i should get? what offers the best cooling for a good price?
  10. dividebyzero

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    PowerColor PCS+ $300 inc shipping (cheapest HD 5850 at Newegg) has a nice factory overclock. Looks a good price for the performance and has an excellent review at Tech Power Up (all 33 pages of it)
  11. kakarot27

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    thanks for the help!
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