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Jun 25, 2006
  1. Is it possible to use 2 graphics cards on the same mobo for more than 1 screen without causing a conflict?

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    In order to use SLI, you`ll need two EXACT cards. Same manufacturer and model, also, you`ll need to use a SLI certified power supply unit.
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    The answer to your question is yes - that's the way many people do it especially to go beyond 2 monitors. Just make sure you have cards for the appropriate slots on your motherboard. You won't have 2 agp slots so you won't be able to use 2 agp cards. You *might* have 2 or more PCI-E slots - but you'd better be sure before you buy two card for that slot. Chances are you'll have either 1 PCI-E or AGP and 1 PCI card in there to make it work.
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    You don't need a SLi PSU, it's just recommended. (I would know look in my profile)
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    Thats vv helpful!
    Its a bit aquard they have to be exactly the same, becuase I am limited to only 1PCI-E, no AGP, and only a few PCI, but I would rather have 1 2inch monitor rather than use a PCI slot!

    Are there any alternative solutions anyone can think of?
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    I`m afraid you can`t use SLI, unless you buy a Geforce 7950 GX2, which is VERY expensive.

    I would get instead a powerful, single card, and if you want, it can display two images at the same time in two monitors.
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    Thats what I have got atm, but I wanted more!!! Lol...
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