2 psu in 1 computer??

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Jul 28, 2002
  1. is it possible to put two power supply in on 1 computer? do you have to splice the second (unused) powersupply's motherboard adapter into the first (used) powersupply's motherboard adapter in order for the second psu to work? any suggestion would be appreciated. thanx!
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    Rick is right. If you are going to purchase a second PSU, you can probably get one with the required wattage for about the same as you'd be spending for the one to add.

    But if you already have the second PSU and have the knowledge necessary to do it, then it is a good alternative to buying a new PSU. The main things to keep in mind is that some PSUs, such as those from Compaq, use a latching voltage to stay on. It is pretty easy to bypass but takes a little electronics experience and soldering. Then there is the power switches that need to be latched together which is again easily done but requires a little knowledge.

    The thread Rick pointed you to can give you more info.

    Oh, almost forgot.. If you do this mod, don't stand in water and dont leave it in the middle of a room where someone can trip over it. And don't cut the ground prong off the power cords.. Safety First
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    thanx for the replys. yeah, i did have a 300w just sitting around and wanted to use it since i have many fans and other gadgets running.
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    If that PSU will run without being connected to a motherboard then you shouldn't have any trouble using it for that. If there is room in the case to put it then it should be an easy project.

    What "other gadgets" are you talking about. It could mean the difference between a very simple mod and a moderately easy mod.
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    Total agreement w/ Rick on this one. Bride of Frankenstein mods are not recommended due to safety issues. No PC repair shop would ever recommend or perform this job.
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    That is where you are wrong. There are several companies locally that I do PC work for that have two PSUs in most of there machines because of the number of devices supported and they need more power than one PSU will allow.

    BTW, I want to know where you are finding a 350+W PSU for $20-30.

    Since this will be my final posting here anyway, I'll go ahead and tell you Uncleel that you don't know anything that you are talking about. You use recycled garbage that has nothing to do with a topic in order to answer questions and you are very annoying. Not to mention that you keep deleting and editing any post that you don't agree with. From what I gather from others here, most of them agree with me, I'm just the only one who will state it, though you will just delete this before anyone reads it just like you have all the complaints I've made about my posts vanishing before.
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