2000 Server DNS issue

I upgraded the NT 4.0 server domain controller to a Windows 2000 server and immediately noticed that the XP client machines took a VERY long time to logon to the server. The server is running DHCP but I modify the DNS setting so that the XP clients have the IP address of the 2000 server DC as their DNS. This corrected the problem with the logon speed but it created another little problem.

When the 2000 server DC, which is designated as the DNS server, goes offline, all the XP clients are unable to access the Internet. Once the DC is online again, connectivity to the Internet is restored.

I do not know what options I have to designate the ISP DNS information so that the clients do not have to rely on the availability of the DC for Internet.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

PS..we are small automobile dealership that does not have a large IT budget. I try to do the best I can but it explains some of the older technology i am using.



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First, your config to point the clients to the server DNS is the correct choice.

The symptoms resulting from an outage of that server are normal - -
and should lead you to the solution that the DNS & DHCP servers need to be
replicated (ie two of each).

However, you can configure the clients with two DNS addresses:
  1. the first one (being the primary) should be your internal DNS address
  2. and the secondary might be any public DNS server like (which is google)
DNS processing is to issue a request to BOTH dns addresses and to accept
the results of the first one to reply.
That then creates the situation (a race condition) that if YOUR server gets bogged down, the secondary is more likely to reply first.

You should really attempt to avoid all outages of your DC and to schedule all maintenance to 'off-hour' periods to reduce the impact to the clients
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Thank you for your reply Jobeard.

I added the IP address of our ISP DNS server as a secondary listing in the DHCP server scope options and I see it listed as on the client pc when I do an IPCONFIG /ALL.

I agree about not doing maintenance during the business hours. Occasionally the server must be rebooted during the day do to a clogged print queue and I want to avoid any Internet downtime if possible.

I am new to the forum but I must admit I really like it so far. I have LOTS of items I will need help with and being a one man IT department, it is good to know I place to discuss issues and get possible solutions.

Thanks again!