2nd hd data disappeared

By mudchild
Jan 7, 2007
  1. I recently had trouble with my sata hd (c drive)so i tried to format it. It wouldn't finish and would hang so I removed it, figuring it was toast. I then tried to format it from another pc, and voila success! I put it back in to my pc, reinstalled xp. Now it works. Here's the problem: When I try to access my 2nd hd ( d drive ide) xp tells me that it must first be formatted, plus the drive letter has changed to f. I tried it in another pc, and it still won't show data and requests to be formatted.
    I have had multiple hard drives in 1 pc in the past with win98 and never had this problem before. I could format one, reinstall the OS and still access all data on the other drives.

    Have I missed something? Or messed up somewhere?
    Or is it an xp issue?

    My pc is:

    AMD Athlon 1.10GHz
    1 GB
    Sata 80 G (Via Ata Raid Controller)
    Ide 160 G

    Thanks!! Any info is greatly appreciated!
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