3 installations of xp on one computer

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Jan 22, 2005
  1. Hi I am in a real mess with my laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron 600m and I wanted to reinstall Windows so I could start fresh. Well, this has turned into a disaster as when Windows Xp starts, you can select from 3 different Home Editions. How can I uninstall the other operating systems and just have one? I have tried everything short of erasing the hard drive which i am kinda leery of. Please can anyone help me? thanks :stickout:
  2. nein

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    Remove/delete the selected entries you don't want out of the "boot.ini".
  3. Liquidlen

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    I highly recommend that you format your HDD and start with a fresh install. Simply deleting the other 2 installations will leave a lot of junk around your MBR , boot system etc.
    It is some work but it will be worth in the long run.
  4. noncon4mist5

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    hey thanks i found the boot. ini worked and i at least got it to quit showing the 3 differnt displays when i turn it on. as far as reformatting.... i have never tried that . i may not be brave enough lol thanks for everything :)
  5. whazzzdat

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    If you really want a clean install fill the hard drive with all zeros with Darik's Boot and Nuke. It is freeware and it over writes the harddrive several times.

    see: dban.sourceforge.net

    If you use the quicker CD version instead of the floopy version when putting it on a disc be sure burn it as an "image" not as a regular file.
    I always use Darik's Boot and Nuke when I buy a used computer from a stranger just incase they had any child pornography on it.
  6. Justin

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    No it won't.

    If those installations truly do not exist there is nothing left behind.
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