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  1. After visiting a few download pages, I noticed there is the usual 32 bit download and 64 bit download options available. Some software comes with 32 and 64 bit combined, which is a different download package such as Total Commander.

    I'm wondering if the 32/64 bit download could be added to TechSpot's download pages. I did download the 32 and 64 bit from the provided links for Total Commander, but it was the combined package I was truly looking for. I ended up downloading the file I wanted from fileforum.betanews.com.

    It's not the first time I've come to this dilemma, but the first time I've mentioned it. It's no big deal either way. Just thought I would mention it.
  2. Erik

    Erik TechSpot Staff Posts: 311   +18

    Hi there, really appreciate your feedback. I updated the entry for Total Commander to add the file for the 32+64-bit combined installer. Thanks for bringing that to our attention : )
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  3. Erik

    Erik TechSpot Staff Posts: 311   +18

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