3D printer used to build awesome paper airplane machine gun

Shawn Knight

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I was never all that good at constructing paper airplanes but regardless, it was a staple of my childhood as I'm sure it was with many of you. But again, like most, it's something that I probably haven't done since...

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Uncle Al

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WOW .... hook it up with a couple of toilet paper rolls and you'd have the Gatling gun of paper airplanes!!!


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YouTuber Papierfliegerei built perhaps the coolest thing ever associated with a paper airplane. The 2nd "name" in the video starts with "machine"

I'm pretty sure that name means "paper flyer", in some Germanic language.

And while a paper airplane launcher is perhaps a wildly creative application of a 3D printer, I doubt if I'd change my given name, after having designed and built one.

I also doubt it was actually worth the thousands of dollars for the printer to create it. Let's just hope he's not employed by some government. That would be the cruelest manifestation of, "your tax dollars at work", for sure.
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