3DMark 2003 released

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Per Hansson

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The counter at Futuremark's homepage has reached zero.

This means that 3DMark 2003 has been officially released!

It's a hefty 177mb download though so modem users beware. (That includes me then BTW)

If you happen to find alternate download sites be sure to post them right here! (Futuremark's servers seems quite taxed now.)

UPDATE: [H]ard|OCP has posted a review of 3DMark 2003, a very good read IMHO.

Read it to find out their conclusion on this question:
Is 3DMark03 really a good indication of what “Real World” gaming is? Is 3DMark03 really "forward looking"?


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haha my beast of a rig gets a pathetic 1465 3dmarks, still it runs every game i have at 1280x1204 very nicely.
Seems odd having a benchmark for the future that bothers using dx7, spose its to be backward compatible, for people with oldish cards to at least use it a bit.

Snowy Commando

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I only need to know 2 things:

1. a benchmark standard that gives an unbiased fair score.

2. the score i need to run a game optimally.
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