5.2 volts bad? i dont know!!

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Sep 13, 2007
  1. So my computer has been acting funny ever since i got a new psu, including a broken motherboad and videocard. I got a power supply tester and it read the voltage as 5.2v for the 5v connector and 3.4v for the 3.3v reading. is .2v enough to damage the hardware? could this be my problem? if so, can it be solved, through a power regulator of some sort, of msut i invest in a new power supply?
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    This is perfectly normal... Computer power supplies voltage limits are + or - 5% You could even stretch it to + or - 10% Can you figure the voltage ranges now? (5 volts @ 10%= 4.5v to 5.5v) (5 volts @ 5%= 4.75v to 5.25v)

    Your good with those ranges... You changed a lot of other components. What exactly do you mean by "acting funny"?
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    My graphics card just broke, luckily it was only 3 weeks old and under warrenty. After enduring a couple months of frequent freezes my mothboard has completely died, no post at all or anything. I think it is because it was overheating excessivly a few months ago, i dont know. Because two components died in such sucession i thought i might be the PSU but i have a very nice 550w hyper power supply, cost me around 90$ and as you verified the voltages are fine, so ir eally dont know what my computers problem is...
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    thanks for that, my power supply tester will turn a red led on anything thats above or below reason, and it doesnt so im jsut going to guess that my mobo has been slowly dieing and i jsut got unlucky with the graphics card being faulty. Thanks alot!
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    Ok holtzman,
    good luck and let us know how this turns out
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