60g IBM Deskstar w/XP pro not seen as master or slave

By CAG2005
Dec 13, 2004
  1. How can I tell if this 60gig IBM Deskstar is 15 heads or 16 heads???

    There are dual jumper settings listed for each. I recently removed this drive in hopes of tranferring the whole image to another harddrive in my Gateway PC via hi-speed 2.0 USB cable. Well that failed as the USB connection kept getting improperly installed & all the while the IBM kept spinning.

    Next I decided to just put the drive back in its orginal pc as master and then the drive failed to be seen again & was spinning.

    I can't get it to be recognized as a slave either...not seen in the BIOS either
    error msg says:
    " media failure, check cable"

    I have seen a reference in the forum to 15gig IBM suggesting both drives could be set to CS....

    Any advice would be appreciated
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