6800GT to monitor = no signal?

By LZepp
Jun 25, 2005
  1. So my brother recently purchased a computer, and as the title says, my monitor is not getting a feed from the video card (PNY 6800GT). I don't know much about the new Geforce cards, but I'm pretty certain I've connected everything as it should be. The card is fitted tightly into the AGP slot, and the molex connector is connected properly.

    Anyway, I've tried just about everything to make it work, to no avail. Am I faced with the reality that the card might be dead? Could it be that the heatsink is not properly situated on the core? The previous owner had installed a Zalman VF-700, but it is a bit wobbly. Also, is it alright if the thermal paste ventures outside of the GPU, since it obviously has on the card?

    BTW, the monitor DOES actually turn green, but the screen just remains black. The video card warms up, so i'de assume its still alive (?)

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Clint777

    Clint777 TS Rookie

    Also experiencing problem w/my PNY 6800 GT

    After a few months of no problems with my new PNY 6800GT, I've also started experiencing a problem where, if I power off the PC, it refuses to boot. I just get the error msg "please check signal" and then the monitor goes into off mode. I usually have to power cycle it quite a few times -- 5 to 10 -- before I can get it to boot correctly. I've seated/re-seated the card, double checked all connections, tried a new monitor but still no joy. When it first starts up and gives me this error msg, I get no error beeps indicating any sort of problem, it just acts like there is nothing coming from the PC. I strongly suspect the card is the problem but am wondering in anyone else has run into this problem?
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