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8 steps completed successfully, but now for logs?

By zchadr4
Jan 5, 2009
  1. hi, im a complete dunce at computers so u can imagine the time i had trying to sort out my laptop, but thanks to google and the briliant advice on this forum ive managed to sort it out(i think).
    Heres a run down of what happened-first i got caught out by the rapid antivirus virus, then the sagipul pop ups and then i had bad image warnings galore...all in one evening.
    So i did a full scan with malaware and various other things i found on the web, but no change. Then i did a superantispyware scan and after that everything seems to be in working order. But just in case i re-did all of the 8 steps and here i am- hopefully all is in working order.
    id really appreciate any help and advice on how to stop this happening again!
    thanks in advance
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