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Dec 17, 2007
  1. I just recently built a new system and I put a BFG 8800GT 512mb OC video card in it. Before going out and purchasing the latest and greatest in games as far as graphics go, I decided to test the card with F.E.A.R.

    With the resolution at 1280x1020, I am able to play with settings completely maxed out. I ran a temperature log and noticed that my card would peak at around 95-96 degrees celsius. How unsafe is it to have the card running at these levels and can I expect the temperature to rise a great deal with games such as Bioshock and Crysis? Thanks.
  2. the problem with that is defining the word "safe". companies say that cards and processors and things can go fairly high in terms of temperature "safely". but i don't think that high of a temperature is very safe at all. you'll end up diminishing the life-time of your card quite a bit.

    and yes, you can expect the temps to rise with games like those. the better the graphics, the more the card, processor, and ram have to work. and that means more power, and more heat.

    if i were you, i would DEFINITELY go out and buy an aftermarket cooler for that card. you don't want to have downed 250 bucks or more for a card that's just going to go up in flames.

    if you had read the warnings in Techspot's review of this card, you'd have noted that this card does indeed generate quite a bit of heat.

    but as i said. i'd suggest buying a cooler....like....soon. from zalman. they make great cooling devices. if you want, i can help you look for one on newegg.
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    Info on the 8800GT (I have an EVGA SC)
    -company line is it's rated up to 100c (crazy)
    -default fan speed is 29% (you must manually adjust yourself or it stays at 29% and you get temps like you are getting)
    -most people use RivaTuner 2.06 to set fan speed and o'c
    -fan is loud, most I could stand was 45% (53c idle) 60% (80-84c load)

    I put an aftermarket cooler on mine and added a couple exhaust case fans
  4. kpo6969

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    Zalman VF900 on the 8800GT



  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Why is it crazy? It's not made of water.
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    Alright thanks for the replies, I'll try upping my fan speed for now to see if that does anything, however the fan is rather small so we'll see. If that doesn't help I'll go hunt down an aftermarket cooler.
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    Thanks, I'm in the same boat

    Thanks for posting on this.
    I'll be installing an 8800 GT over the holiday in my daughter's Dell and I'm scared to death of how hot it will get on Bioshock

    Yes I got a new psu to put in first. Scared of that too..
  8. that's why they make programs that detect the heat generated by cards like this, and it's why the makers include software to assist in determining said heat. it's for people that are concerned with what it might be doing to their system and to the card itself.

    it's nothing really to be afraid of. all it takes is doing some reading. read up on reviews, check for people that already bought it and have posted temperature readings. check for what is safest, and check for what is the easiest way of cooling it for the right price.

    once you've done you're homework, make sure you're stocked on all the cooling you need, and slap the card in there and keep an eye on it. if it starts breaking your personal upper limit for heat tolerance, like say if you wanted it to stay below 40 C and it goes a few degrees over, then do as the OP is doing. if turning the fan up to a higher setting doesn't do the trick, buy a better fan. or an extra fan. or hell... if you feel like it, buy a water cooler or something.

    an 8800gt was built to play games like bioshock. in fact, that was probably one of the benchmarks for how well it could perform. so i wouldn't be terribly worried. i don't think you're in any danger. but if you don't feel safe, then at least you know what to do.

    the same goes for your power supply. if you've done you're hw, then you should know what's a good PSU, and what isn't, and which ones can handle varying degrees of stress.

    if you want some reassurance, refer to this:

    it lists the more common PSUs from best to worst. if you've bought something from tier 3 or above, no need to worry. but if it isn't on the list, then just take a look at the wattage rating, and the price. if you got a 600watt psu for 50 dollars, be afraid. it will likely be low quality and will crap out very soon. if not immediately. generally, anything that is about 450-500 watts should've cost about 80 dollars. and any wattage higher, obviously should've cost more.
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    Im not sure what it is supposed to run at but atm mine is running at 66C.
    BUT it is a hot day and mine is an XFX not BFG, and i did just stop playing TF2.
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    Can anyone tell me whether or not the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 VGA Cooler is any good for the 8800gt?

    I wish i could post the link to newegg, but this is my first post
  11. kpo6969

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  12. rivnat

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    kpo6969, this will still work without the dual turbo fans right?
  13. kpo6969

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  14. rivnat

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    Maybe i could just use one of the 120 mm fan that will come with my case...
  15. rivnat

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  16. kisrum

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    My daughter's been using the XFX 8800GT for a week now on Bioshock at maxed out settings and her temp is running around 70C with the fan at 50%. What little I know about fan performance curves tells me that running the fan faster and faster reaches the point of diminishing returns pretty quickly.

    Is 70 still too high meaning I should go get a cooler? Is the auto tuning software that comes with the card any good or is Riva better?

    Game plays well for what it's worth.
  17. rivnat

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    70C is not as bad as 90c, which some people say they got on load. I'm no expert, but maybe it's not too big a deal if you wait awhile.
  18. kpo6969

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    80c+ is when I would start to worry (just me)
    85c would be my red-zone (even though Nvidia says not)
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