8800GT works on my early DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-D

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Mar 8, 2008
  1. I had a lot of trouble finding info about whether the PCI Express 2.0 card would work with my PCI-E 1.0a board. I had read that they would not work, and others said that they did. I tried one, and it works fine with the mobo in my system specs!
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    Yes, 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0. You will not benefit from the extra bandwidth though, but I don't think you would see an improvement even if you did.

    While I'm sure you're excited, it isn't anything new. It's by design. :)

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    Thanks! I know it's supposed to be backward compatible by design, but there have been reports that the Nvidia cards were not truly backward compatible with the original PCI-E 1.0a spec.


    That's why I am excited!

    But I basically just posted this in case anyone else is searching for this type of information. I never found a single post anywhere about this card working with my exact motherboard, and DFI could not confirm that it would work, either.
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    Well then, that's very good. I didn't mean to rain on your parade. :)

    And I'm glad you posted it here for people who might be looking for an answer to this.
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