945GCT-M GPU Upgrade Questions

By Spiders ยท 10 replies
Jan 10, 2010
  1. I want to upgrade my computer with a new graphics card and want to know what could work with my motherboard.
    My mobo is 945GCT-M
    my psu is 400w

    it has two pcix16 slots but i only need one card,
    I tried the 7800 GTX , but had a problem with the heatsink being to big and hitting the other pci slots,

    I want a decent card for about 150$
    Any suggestions that would work with my set-up?
  2. Ritwik7

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    Could you please specify the motherboard you are using (including manufacturer and model).

    Do you mean to say that the 7800GTX does not fit into the PCI-E slot due to the heat sink? If you put it on the first PCI-E slot, then I don't think that the PCI slots could interfere in any way. It would be good if you could also post a picture of your PC internals so that we can understand better the layout of the mobo and the issues you might face.
  3. dividebyzero

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    "Could you please specify the motherboard you are using (including manufacturer and model)." @ Ritwik7......there's this new invention called Google...it's good, spread the word!


    Man, that's one butt-ugly motherboard.......But, back to business. The 7800GTX, especially some of the more esoteric 512Mb varieties are monster cards- I'm assuming that the edge of the graphics card cooling shroud is contacting the capacitors in between the two slots.
    Luckily for you, graphics technology has been moving ahead rapidly. The 7800GTX 512 has approximately the same gaming horsepower as the new nVidia GT 220 -sad but true. But with your budget then something along the lines of......


    represents great value for money if you get in quick-free shipping too. Tho just a tad over your $150

    If $150 is your line in the sand then this is probably your best bet


    PowerColor and VisionTek also offer the same card. I'm personally not a fan of PowerColor and there are rumours around CES about VisionTek's possible imminent demise so probably best to go with a first tier card maker.
    You could also go with an nVidia card but probably not the best choice on a performance to price basis.

    A good card would require an upgraded power supply. 400 watts might be good enough for a MUCH more inferior solution but you would need to post it's model number and/or its +12volt wattage and amperage for me (or anyone else) to recommend a GPU upgrade.
  4. Ritwik7

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    Stellar idea dividebyzero! Never knew it existed friend! Anyway, posting details about the system when asking for help isn't something wrong, is it? Forum rules too, I believe...

    @ Spiders - The card suggested by dividebyzero is a very good choice if you have some more money to spend on a PSU (at least 550 - 600W). Else consider something like the HD 4770 / 4850 along with a PSU. Both together should cost you about $150-160.
  5. dividebyzero

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    I managed to locate Spiders motherboard precisely because they posted the model. Are you expecting him/her to copy a motherboard photo, upload it and link it to the forum?
    A little common sense will get Spiders query sorted out faster- I've no intention of extending a thread for the sole purpose of bloating my post count with fatuous or pro forma replies.
  6. Ritwik7

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    I infact did ask him to upload a photo (if possible) of the 7800GTX and his motherboard to be able to understand exactly what issue he's been facing.

    We're all here trying to help. The intention is not, as you presume, to increase post count. Anyway, no point continuing on this note and hijacking the thread. The quicker the OP's issue is resolved, the better.

    Just a thought, where's Spiders? Did any of the information help?
  7. Spiders

    Spiders TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 46

    Ah, I dont have internet so it I post a question then check back in a few days, sorry.

    Unfortunatly my budget is only 150$ so a new PSU is out of the question at the moment, I will look into some of the cards posted, thank you.

    Yea the heatsink was hitting the slots, I tried both to no avail

    Also this is not going to be an intense gaming comp, probably the worst this will run is browser based web-games

    The build I posted is for a friend, I currently use a, ati hd 4870. the sad thing is I just found out MY psu is 300w yet I been using that card for about a year with no problems, but im going to be upgrading to a 650w tommorrow.
  8. Spiders

    Spiders TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 46

    So yea it doesnt need to be upper end gpu just something that would significantly increase speed over an integrated gpu while under 400w for the psu
  9. Ritwik7

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    Hi Spiders. I'm a little confused. The system that is having a problem with the 7800GTX is your friend's?

    A little help. I didn't get you. Those two statements don't concur.

    Also, I would suggest that you not try to run any of those cards on a 400W PSU.
  10. Spiders

    Spiders TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 46

    Ahh, yeah it's a relatives actually, I apologize... what I was saying that I would be upgrading MY computer to a 650w psu,

    but still wanted tips on a graphics card for his that would run with a 400w psu
  11. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,672   +9

    The Radeon HD 4770 would be a great option on a 400W system.
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