GPU to go with 11600k

Currently running a 11600k, with a GTX 1070, a 500W PSU, and 32gb ddr4. I recently upgraded from a 1080p screen to a 4k 144hz, and I do want to be able to take advantage of that.

While I have the budget for something like a 7800x3d and 7900xtx, it's overkill for my needs:
- Being able to play an occasional game with a high-quality preset, playing slightly older games like AC Valhalla in 4k, and playing more demanding titles without having to go down too much on the sliders.

Furthermore, I have a baby on the way, so I think it's better to save some money by upgrading my GPU & PSU, and at least go with a GPU that will last me a few good years, even if that might be "bottlenecked" by the 11600k.

I've attached the prices I would pay for some of the GPUs here in China, together with calculated CPF based on some graphs from here. The cheapest AMD variants mostly seem to be Pulse, or PowerColor Hellhound for the 7000 series, while they're mostly XFX for the 6000 series. Which all seem like okay to me.

The prices for Nvidia cards might seem okay, but these cheapest ones are random Chinese brands I've never heard of, with any of the brands you would probably have heard of, being $50-100 more expensive. Making AMD a better option.

The 6950XT and 6800XT seems to have the best CPF at these, with the 7800xt probably being fairly close to the CPF of the 6800XT, but running a bit cooler (living in a city with 11 months of summer), and possibly more room for UV&OC (also considering the cheapest variation is the hellhound atm). Would it still be worth investing a bit more into the 7900XT or XTX, considering their CPF isn't terrible and them still falling in my budget?


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4070 can be bought for under 600 US and a gold 750w psu for around 150 would provide plenty of power. 11600k is a very capable CPU and while it could bottleneck the 4070 in some cases possibly, I'd bet 90+% of the time you'll easily reach 97-100% GPU usage.