9700 pro (All-in-Wonder) freezing promblems please help

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Hi guys im new to this forum,

I have just brought a 9700 pro All-in-Wonder Graphics card to replace my old Geforce 4. I have installed it and also installed all the latest drivers off the ati site, all was going fine everything was working e.g tv tuner ect. Until i tried to play some games eg. Farcry, juiced, NFSU2 ect. And in every single one of them, once im into the game it looks fine but as soon as i start to play, it locks up and either restarts the comp or shutsdown the game. This happens within 30 sec to about 3 mins of playing time.

I know a bit about computers but when it comes down to things like this i am an amuature. bascally i have been looking through froums and have found many threads on this topic but none really seem to help my problem or dont make any sense to me :(

any help would be greatly appresiated, Thanks guys
One possibility is that your power supply is not enough to power this newer card.

Take a look at the sticker on the power supply (inside the case) and find out how many watts it is rated at, what company made it, and how many amps are on the 12v rail.

You can also take a look inside your event viewer for possible hints. Right click on my computer, then chose manage, then event viewer. Search around in there a bit to see what kind of errors (if any) are being reported.
Hey DonNagual
Thanks for your help so far, my power suply is a omni 400w so i dont think this is the problem, do you recomend any drivers? also i read on another forum that it might be casued by old nvidia driver files left on my computer, is this right? i deleted them from and and remove files, would this have deleted them all? If not how do i get rid of them?
cheers, Dan
Try a driver cleaner program like this: http://www.drivercleaner.net/ and see if that fixes you up.

By the way, does the 9700 require a power supply connection directly from the PSU, and if so do you have that connector plugged in?

I also see your board only has an AGP4x slot. Shouldn't be a problem as the card should be backwards compatible...
hey again,
When i got my card it came with a power cord thing which you plug into the hdd which then goes into the psu. is this right?
I just read your installation manual and it says that for that cord that came with the card you need to be sure to have it as follows:

A: video card
B: power supply

Does the cable that came with the card have A,B,C markings on it, and do you have it set up the right way?

I also thought of another thing to check. Your chipset drivers for your motherboard may need an update in order to handle this AGP8x card. Go to the maker of your motherboard's website and download the latest chipset drivers.
ok the cable is in right and im installing the motherbord drivers right now. any other ideas if this does no work?
Alright, I guess the next thing to try is a full bios update (instructions and download again, can be found on your motherbaord maker's site).
By the way, you may as well post your computer specs, specifically what your motherboard is (ideally a link to the homepage with its specs), your CPU and ram details.
ok my cpu is a AMD 2400+ , im running 2x256mb ddrram, and my crappy motherbored is a VIA P4M266/KM266. also would reformatting my computer do anything to help?
thanks for your help once again.
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