A Belated Happy 6th Birthday to My eMachines T-5026....!

By captaincranky
Feb 17, 2011
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  1. It seems yet another year has come and gone, and my trusty P-4 / GAG915 based eMachines has lived to fight another day. Figuratively of course but perhaps literally as well. And yes, I actually did get this fool thing on Valentines day, 2005.

    Well, I hope it lasts at least another year, since I have several subscriptions tied to its IP address.

    And yet again I feel compelled to ask raybay, "is six years enough to have gotten my money's worth, or should I badmouth eMachines all over the internet should it blow up going forward into year seven"?

    And no ******* ********s, it won't play, "Crysis"....!

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