A mysterious new AMD Radeon GPU has beaten the RTX 2080 Ti


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But what if we told you, the mysterious GPU may not be a Radeon, but a next-gen Nvidia part?

Before you start cheering for AMD, lets consider a few things: the graphics card was paired with an engineering sample of the Ryzen 7 4800H mobile processor, which has its own GPU built-in. A GPU that software registers as AMD Radeon Graphics. This is hardly an explicit title, so the software might have registered the correct name and we’re looking at a new AMD GPU.

On the other hand, all unreleased discrete GPUs from AMD have registered as AMD Radeon RX in the past. The most likely scenario is that the benchmark is registering the integrated GPU and not the discrete GPU that performed the benchmark.

Intuition might suggest that if the GPU is being tested with an unreleased AMD CPU, then it must be AMD doing the testing. But why would AMD test such a powerful GPU with a laptop CPU that it would never be paired with? Why would AMD double their chances of error by testing two engineering sample products together?

It’s worth noting that before this not a single benchmark had ever surfaced for a "big Navi" GPU. Nvidia on the other hand… their GPUs appear in online benchmarks ahead of release all the time. Yeah, I’ve got my tinfoil hat on here but bear with me.

Nvidia is significantly more likely to have a GPU this powerful in the late development stages (Ampere, anyone?). AMD has also sent out a lot of 4800H samples to their partners. We’ve already seen Asus testing one with an unknown Nvidia GPU. If Nvidia or an OEM wanted to test the new GPU while concealing its existence, then grabbing an AMD APU is one way to do it.

Of course, that’s a lot of effort to go to for one benchmark result. There are other ways to go about it, like just giving the GPU a new identification code.

To be honest, none of the theories really seem to fit (could also be Intel Xe... what?), but needless to be said, we seem to have an awesome new GPU to look forward to in 2020.

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#1 It's about time...I mean it's only been what...since September 2018?

#2 I absolutely do not like AMD's naming strategy and I think it hurts their marketing.

#3 Budget shoppers who buy AMD think AMD is the best bang for the buck, but the average shopper who doesn't know as much about technology and doesn't see a clear naming strategy will associate higher price with superiority or more features or exclusivity.

As much as I hate the ray tracing gimmick, I understand why Nvidia pushed it forward.

They want us to clearly associate RTX with being new and GTX with being old while the number increase coherently increases as price increases.

EX: a 2060 is obviously cheaper than a 2070 and a 2080 while super models are priced above the base model but below the next number up.
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2020 is the year of the 7nm GPU and hopefully where AMD fill out their range. Enthusiast boards in reality aren't that important to most gamers. Still very nice to have a halo product and control the upper price of GPUs with competition.

Nvidia should launch a major improvement across the board for price performance. It has been pretty incremental the past four years. I always like to see a clear step.

Show me RTX2080 Super performance for $400 and I'm sold.

Nms Barry

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It's a nvidia gpu.
It has been already cleared.
Open Vr detected Amd Apu as Gpu leaving out the Nvidia GPU.


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Please, please, PLEASE let it be an Intel! I know that is extremely unlikely, but I would love to see a third viable GPU player shake up the market.
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Julio Franco

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When there is more information available then maybe we can start the hype train.
I agree. That’s the reason our rumor to news ratio is so low. :blush:

I should also add that what makes this rumor “fun” to watch is the recent mention of AMD’s CEO there is a big Navi in the works, whatever that may be. And we know for a fact Nvidia is working on a Turing successor. Intel is a long shot no doubt, but if they can compete in the $200+ market, it will be something we haven’t seen in decades.
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I agree. That’s the reason our rumor to news ratio is so low. :blush:
Will say this looks to be a promising start since AMD hasn't competed at the highest end of the GPU market for many years now.

I'm also hoping it will do something to bring those high end prices back down to earth alittle.

You can built a whole computer for the cost of a Single 2080ti right now which is ridiculous if you ask me.


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Yay I knew it's a clickbait before clicking. Now it's rubber-stamped.

NVidia could use a reality check, but frankly unless AMD pulls truly some platinum plated rabbit out of the hat it won't happen. Probably Greens never released "2080Ti Super Xtra Add Two more Words after these" ;D in anticipation of something that possibly AMD was cooking. As things stand now there is not even shred of evidence AMD has anything reasonably capable of beating 2080Ti not to mention Titan.

And let's not kid ourselves. If tomorrow AMD released something to compete with 2080Ti, Nvidia will slash prices by 50% on Ti and Titan only to drown AMD in their own "silicon-blood" and keep the market status quo intact. Greens have mountains of $$$ to burn and sell at dumping prices if they so desire. AMD Radeon division is on 5th life support line - until very recently they basically recycled Polaris for a decade... and Vega was/is hardly a success story compared to Pascal which was probably best architecture in nVidia history so far.


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The reigning champion has been dethroned, at least on paper
Paper doesn't count. When we see actual real world performance we can believe it. That said I hope this is right, NVidia needs a kick in the bum.

Nms Barry

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You mean it‘s already been cleared because you keep spamming every forum that it is, now even here?
Even the open VR team said they do not know if it is amd or nvidia!
Also same device id laptop from asus has a amd 8 core apu and unknown nvidia gpu


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Would have liked it if it were AMD.
Been using Nvidia for a while now, but we really need the competition on the high end side of GPU's.
The prices for high end GPU's have gotten out of hand since Nvidia stopped having to compete for the crown.


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You guys just can't have some weekend fun, huh?
I mean, its been out since thursday at least. the fun has already been had. Lisa didnt concrete say yes to a high end navi, she didnt say it was in development, she gave a very corporate response :

"LS: [laughs] I know those on Reddit want a high end Navi! You should expect that we will have a high-end Navi, and that it is important to have it. The discrete graphics market, especially at the high end, is very important to us. So you should expect that we will have a high-end Navi, although I don’t usually comment on unannounced products."

You should EXPECT it. HYPE it people. Believe it. you SHOULD think its coming. Never actually said it WAS coming.
For all we know, this big navi will be rDNA2 and wont be out until early 2021. Lisa can claim they think high end is important, but their big GPU for CES was the overpriced, disappointing 5600xt. No big public announcement that BigNavi (tm) is coming. After the disappointment of radeon VII and vega 64, and the overpriced 5500 and 5600 series, there is no reason to believe that big navi will release anytime soon, and if it does, that it will be significantly cheaper then the 2080 super or 2080ti.
So it's clearly AMD testing out their new Smartshift tech. They know that their igpu will not be able to beat discrete any time soon nor should they. So take 5-10 percent off the results. I think their new navi2 will be just good enough to match NV. They are investing money in the mid range and good enough high range cause consoles is too big to ignore and there isn't any competition there. And that is fine with me. Only nut jobs spend that much on a gpu. 2080 and lower is good enough for most of the market. I'd focus on high end only for server market and stadia. Should get interesting at the end of 2020 when everything amd and new NV come out.


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I really hope its AMD as its defiantly time for AMD to hold the crown, but then again Nvida hasnt made anything high end for while so theres a good chance its them. I highly doubt its Intels efforts.