A problem harry potter and the half blood prince pc game

By jmc51
Apr 11, 2017
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  1. The game load succesfuly but when I launch the game winows message said

    harry potter and the half blood prince
    stop working correctly
    then computer crashed after that.
  2. Funky4rsh

    Funky4rsh TS Rookie

    Try installing the game again. If you are using window 7/ 8/10. Then try reinstalling the game with compatibility mode. Most games are designed for window 7 or XP. XP games work fine on window 7. But if u are using Windows above 7 then try using (Run as administrator) privileges. And make sure you have proper working graphic card. Install DirectX latest version 11, NetframeWork latest version (Recommended). I am also a gamer and I always have problems like these. Check if this works otherwise. It may have problem with game. Let me know if it works.
  3. mattruss

    mattruss TS Rookie

    I tried all these fixes,but it still didn't start,searching the net it seems a few people have tried these as well and the game still doesn't work,I have an amd gpu and finally got the game working by opening the amd settings/display and then turning off gpu scaling,I hope this helps a few amd gamers.

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