A really strange issue with my computer

By kealmcking
May 16, 2011
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  1. So i have a Radeon x1600 pro and wanted to put it in my system. I tried putting it in with my current power supply but it didnt have enough power.So i had to replace my old powersupply with a new 500W one. So im having my friend install the the new powersupply and when we hook it in (we had it on top of the computer just in case) and it explodes.

    We put my old one back in along with my graphics card and it works fine. Normally i would get a no signal screen but now it works fine. But heres the odd part. I did this at my friends house and the plug the new power supply was hooked into when it blew up is the only plug anywhere that will let my video card run without a no signal screen. Im wondering if anybody knows what may have happened and why that wall socket is the only one it will work in. Thanks.
  2. EXCellR8

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    Some wall sockets restrict power output and vice versa, depending on how well the electrical system is set up in the home. Word of advice though, you should never connect a computer directly into the wall and always use at least a 6-socket surge protector. The fact the power supply blew up on you could mean the outlet is not to spec, the unit was faulty, or there was a static/ground issue (placing the PSU on top of the tower is basically the same thing as having it actually installed). It doesn't sound like either of you has too much experience with computer or electronic equipment, so I would suggest reading up on how to properly install a PSU and finding an affordable UPS unit to prevent any future damage to hardware. APC makes some affordable devices and they are hard to not recommend.

    Also, know that not all power supplies are created equal, and some are just garbage...
  3. mpsteel

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    What do you mean when you say "and it explodes". What part explodes, the actual PSU? If it did explode, why did you try it at your friends house. Please explain the differences in the wall sockets.

    If you live in America, where 110V is used, there might be a switch on the back of the PSU to change it between 110 and 220V (Depending on the PSU) for future reference.

    In response to EXCellR8, a UPS is not required for home use, waste of money. A Surge protector is always a good option, but most decent PSU have surge arrestors in them.
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    ups for home use a waste of money? I don't think so - especially if you work at home or have expensive hardware..... It's good to have, but not necessary. A surge protector is a must though.

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