A review on Swiftech's HydrX UV coolant water additive.

By Sttomcat3
Feb 26, 2005
  1. Hello Computer Enthusists,

    This article review I'm writing is about Swiftech's HydrX UV coolant water additive.

    When I first got my Evercool WC-202 water-cooling kit, I chose to do away with the red colored water additive that came with the kit.
    I did'nt care much for the color, having seen many people's water-cooled systems on numerous
    websites that had the UV green colored coolant water circulating through thier systems. This I thought was cool. But to each thier own if others like a different colored coolant.

    After much research, putting just plain distilled water in your cooling system won't cut it, and heaven forbid putting tapwater in it as the undistilled water has hard minerals as well as some micro-organisms that are allowed to slip past the Health dept's clean water standard codes. Many coolant additives do the job well in breaking surface tension in just plain water, they also have anti-foaming, anti-corrosive, and especially anti-algae agents. You don't want your PC's coolant water turning into pond water minus the bug larva and tadpoles! Algae growing in your computer cooling system will clog the pump, often ruining it, the waterblock restricting flow, end result CPU overheating, and would be a nightmare to clean out.

    For the price Swiftech's HydrX UV coolant was the best deal. I got mine for $1.99 for a 2oz. bottle. The directions say to mix one 2oz. bottle to 1 liter of distilled water. So with a carefully cleaned 2 liter bottle, I played mad scientist marking the bottle at halfway, and poured in to the mark with distilled water bought my local grocery store. Then in went the HydrX coolant additive. My water-cooler does'nt hold as much coolant as what I mixed, so I'll have plenty for many future coolant flushings/changes that from research should be done every 6-8 months as the additive's protective properties break down with heat with time.

    The mix keeps my system's CPU operating temps. much lower than with the original automotive anti-freeze/distilled water mix I put in the cooling system the day I got it, modded it, and installed it. I'm just amazed at having the concept of water-cooling in my computer.
    The CPU operating temps. are much lower than with my prior air-cooling setup. Never has its reading been at below 100F, and no higher than 118F.

    Anyway, for the price pending where you shop, Swiftech's HydrX UV coolant additive is a great deal, and must have for the distilled water you put in your PC's water-cooling system regardless of kit brand or if you custom composed your own setup.

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