A second save slot in Metal Gear Survive costs $10


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One might imagine that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 PR disaster would mean game companies are now more cautious when it comes to any form of microtransactions—but not Konami. Following the release of Metal Gear Survive, players have discovered that if they want more than one save slot, it’ll cost them an extra $10.

Long-time Metal Gear fans still haven’t forgiven Konami for the unceremonious way series creator Hideo Kojima was pushed out of the company back in 2015. The Japanese studio held onto the IP, and six months later it announced Metal Gear Survive. The game came out of beta earlier this week to reviews that have been fairly mixed.

In addition to critics’ complaints of tedious gameplay, annoying survival mechanics, and clunky combat, Konami’s desire to squeeze every last penny out of buyers has caused plenty of controversy.

The game comes with a single character save. While there are three extra slots, these can only be unlocked using the in-game currency: SV coins. Konami’s pricing tier starts at $0.99 for 100 of these coins, reaching up to $49.99 for 6000. If you want another save file, you’ll have to pay $9.99 for 1150 coins—the closest available option to the 1000 coins it costs for an additional save.

As with other games featuring microtransactions, the coins can also be spent on cosmetic items and character/experience boosts, but unlike most of these titles, the currency can’t be earned through normal gameplay, though Konami does give out small amounts as part of a login bonus.

Some people have put forward the argument that as Metal Gear Survive costs $40 instead of the usual $60, paying an extra $10 isn’t a big deal, while others say the same practice appears in some online games, and that one save slot is all that’s required (assuming you don’t share the game with others who use their own characters). But it’s difficult to justify what appears to be a move motivated purely by greed, especially in a game that already contains pricey microtransactions.

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Enjoyed the beta when it was on console, but I am glad that I never cared to buy it.
Yet another company that I don't need to reward for crappy practices.


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Micro transactions are just going to increase piracy. Why buy a game with features already locked you have to pay for when you can download it for free and unlock it yourself?

I'm happy the only games I still really play are Age of Empires 2 and Eve

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I used to think piracy was a terrible thing, but these practices are nothing less than piracy against the players and now days these game producers deserve every terrible thing that comes their way .....


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As much as I hate this game, why would you want to have a second save slot? Many games these days do not even have save slots anymore there's just that one save of you profile and thats it.

Also no idea how much data it is if they fear that the cost for servers is gonna be too extreme if people make too many save files then thats ok.

Frankly you vote with your wallet. If they want money for save slots then so be it its their freedom. Whats disturbing is how many people bought that game and even gave it a positive review.


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Charging anything for something saved on your hardware, not theirs, is highway robbery. It should be a standard option. Greed is growing, and it sucks.


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You have to wonder why these company's want to drive away buyers for the sake of a bloody save slot. The world has gone mad!


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What a garbage fire of a game. Worse still, it has an always-online DRM that boots you back to the main menu if your internet connection dropped even for a second, while playing SINGLEPLAYER!