A7N8X- E Deluxe Sata Problem

By timyc
Nov 8, 2006
  1. Attempting to run Seagate sata hard drives (non-raid configured) with this motherboad has proven a nightmare. I have done fresh WinXP installs , updated all drivers, established both my sata drives under the SiL3112 Rev.2 controler in Control panel, showing both drives running DMA ultra mode 6, the issue is: although the read rates on these drives are exceptable, it takes forever to write to these drives. I have reflashed my bios to 1013 using both the Asus and uber 1013. I have the latest SIL drivers for the SIL3112 controller. I can install my operating system on either of these drives and successfully boot. I can run them in conjunction with an ATA boot drive, the issue is in the slow writing to these sata drives.

    System details: ArhlonXP 3200 Barton @ 2200 Mhz. Memory - Kingston KHX3200AK2/DDR/1G - also have tried Ultra ULT30215/3200/400DDR - Graphics ATI9700NP - Hard Drives: Seagate St3250620as & ST3120827as Power Supply: 400W Disk Drives: Asus CD 52X S520/A & Benq DVD LS DW1655

    I have scanned for spyware and viruses, defragmented, run Seagate utilities, contacted Asus support (which was no help). Anyone run across this before?
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