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May 23, 2005
  1. I decided to change the case of my computer because the temperature in the old one were getting to ridiculous levels like 110F. So i got a new case, put the board in the new case and yahoo! it wont post now. what could have happened? where do i go from here? any input would be appreciated. thanks.
  2. Rick

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    Is your computer unable to turn on at all, or just unable to get past POST?

    If your computer does not power on at all, check the obvious... Make sure your power supply is flipped on in the back, make sure your power-on switch header is connected properly to the case's power button etc..

    If you still have this proboem, it is very possible your front USB ports are connected incorrectly. Try disconnecting the front USB ports of your case and turning your computer back on. There's other problems too, but this is a common one. As unlikely as it could be, a bad or extremely underpowered PSU (power supply) could be the cause. Try to cross check the PSU by using your old one to make sure you didn't get a bum case.

    Next, try stripping down the system to the bare minimum (Motherboard, video card, CPU, memory) by disconnecting absolutely EVERYTHING else, no matter how unrelated it might seem. If you can't POST with the system board, video card, CPU and memory, then you know there's a problem with one of those items. Afterwards try reseating the memory, reseating the video card and even the CPU. Still not POSTing? Yoink out the whole board and make sure there's no misplaced board stand-offs or a loose screw floating underneath the board. This kind of stuff can cause some really funny problems, simliar to what you may be experiencing.

    Finally, if it still fails to POST, it is becoming very likely the board, memory, cpu or video card is failing. Could be coincidental.. Could be because of the transfer... But try to swap out each of these components with known good working components and that should get it solved.
  3. newbz2005

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    My friend had a similar problem, but thankfully he had 10 motherboards to work from. Turns out that you are suppose to insert a bolt to the case to seperate the motherboard from the case. I did not realize this, neither did he. I thought about it for 2 seconds but I didnt know you had to do that because the case came with only 3 of those bolts and I assumed you didnt need them. at least i learned something today, do not mount ur motherboard to your case without leaving the gap between the case and the board.
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    The bolts to which you refer are the board stand-offs that Rick mentioned.
  5. Rick

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    Ouch. Hard way to learn that. :)
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