Overclocking A8-5600K temp monitoring issue

Alright this is really driving me kinda nuts, I recently upgraded from a Pentium Dual Core 3ghz to

AMD A8-5600K 3.6ghz Quadcore
Gigabyte F2A75M D3H
PowerColor HD7750 1GB
1.75 TB HDDs

Cooling info:
Aerocool Vs9, running stock heatsink, 3 intake 120mm fans(1x facing CPU side, 1x bottom, 1x front facing HDDs) and 1 exhaust 120mm fan at the back

And everything's basically fine except the temperature monitoring for the processor(A8-5600k), in the BIOS it's like 23 C even if 'System Temperature' was 36 C, is that even realistic? and in Windows 7 64bit I can't tell which temp it is using HWInfo64, HWmonitor, Gigabyte's easytune 6 and coretemp.

In HWinfo64 it kinda claims the CPU is 3-8 degrees

Then in Gigabyte's easy tune CPU is 20C so I traced it, and if you look in the picture, atleast according to Gigabyte it's Temperature 3, 16-21 C but that's kinda unrealistic as it also stays at 20+C even under full load.

Then finally in HWMonitor there's a 'Package' under AMD A8-5600K that says it's around 49-57 C but I'm still not sure which one is it.

What is that "package" anyway?

In fact one time Hwmonitor said 255 C was the max, but maybe that was because I was runinng 3 other temp monitors and it conflicted.(On the rest of the instances in this original post, I made sure to run one at a time).

I ran a Blend Test in Prime95 and both the TMPIN2('which is the same value as the 16-21C in Easytune and HWinfo64) and the A8-5600K 'Package' are changing and maxing at 22 C and 57 C respectively.

So all in all
SpeedFan, BIOS, HWinfo64 and ET6 all display 16-23 C or something,
HWMonitor and Speccy display the 49-57's

Which should I trust or what should I use?


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You don't want to use multiple monitoring programs at once. It tends to screw up results. But, as Ghost mentioned, you want to pay attention to the package temp in HW monitor. Core Temp has always been my go to program for temps.