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By khosa005
Mar 7, 2012
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  1. sir recently i bought a sony dvp-sr750hp usb dvd player. it can play avi,mpg,mpeg,mp4,xvid video files. i have many video fils in my computer like mkv,dvd etc. dut it can not play these files. when i convert these files to avi or mpeg-1 or 4 through free softwer like iwisoft,free video converter,altysoft free video converter etc. but after converting when i play these files on on my dvd player via usb the player shows on lcd data errer.. i tried many free softwer but there is no solution for my problem. sir please solve my problem. which is best free and paid softwere.
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    Had to look up what that player is to help me understand your post. I wonder if that player can't read NTFS. Try FAT32 for the file system on the USB drive. If it works, then we found the problem, but that still sucks because with modern video files you'll break 4 gigs often if they are 720p or better.

    Although I suppose you could split them into parts.

    As far as the best converter.. Since you said your player can do mp4 (presumably h.264) then I'd just use Handbrake.

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